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The recession has forced many towers to buy less-expensive used vehicles or to extend the lives of their existing fleets rather than buy new trucks and equipment. There are signs of economic recovery, however, and this bodes well for equipment manufacturers who build and sell new tow trucks and equipment. Stay tuned as Footnotes, towing’s favorite business journal, keeps its eye on our changing economy for you.

Redefining Your Operations. The second in a five-part series about the many advantages to tow company owners of adopting and integrating advanced mobile technology for better efficiency and cost and equipment control.

Spotlight: Staying Alive & Intact. We shine our monthly Spotlight feature on tips and products designed to keep you and your customers safe in the shop and on the scene. Maintenance, training, signage, signals, and lighting are some of the topics covered. Plus several towers give you insights into their own safety procedures.

Night Moves

Published: 10/01/2011 by Andrea Evans in Business

Thieves are stealing tow trucks to steal cars.

Veteran towman Bill Jackson reminds towers of several basic elements that experienced towmen might overlook after working in the field for so long. Keep these tips in mind and avoid injury or embarrassment on the job!

Enjoy Footnotes’ annual equipment issue. This first of three articles addresses the impact of customer opinion on equipment development.

The Tech Men: Towers talk about some favorite new gear

Published: 12/17/2010 by Allan T. Duffin in Equipment

Enjoy Footnotes’ annual equipment issue. This second of three articles features some towers’ favorite gear.

Is Diesel Best For Tough Trucking? Here are the reasons most towers prefer fueling up with diesel for those rough, steep, hard jobs that put maximum stress on their tow trucks. The author adds insights and details about diesel that even experienced towers might not know.

Parts We Like: Everybody likes good, practical gear

Published: 07/01/2011 by Allan Duffin in Business

Footnotes asked several parts suppliers to share a few new or favorite items of towing gear that they thought would be of interest to our readers.

Chassis Chat. It always seems that it’s wreckers, wreckers, wreckers all the time, but no tower overlooks the other most important aspect about towing vehicles: the chassis. Here we talk with towers who have spent a lot of time speccing chassis and even building their own. They offer important insights for towers who plan to purchase or build their next one.