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Veteran towman Bill Jackson reminds towers of several basic elements that experienced towmen might overlook after working in the field for so long. Keep these tips in mind and avoid injury or embarrassment on the job!

The 2012 Tribute To Our Fallen Heroes

Published: 11/01/2012 by Tom Tedford in Feature

You will be moved by the inspired keynote speech given at the Wall of the Fallen tribute to the 34 towers lost last year in line of service. Tragically, this year’s losses continue to rise. Support statewide Move Over laws and stay safer.

It’s not easy being green, as Kermit the Frog used to say. But tow company owners motivated to save fuel, improve their customer-service image, encourage safety, and perhaps be a bit more “green” can easily begin making some of the many improvements suggested here.

On With The Show!

Published: 05/01/2012 by Allan Duffin in Business

Most towers have been to tow shows, but we wondered how many appreciate what it takes to plan and put one on. Here’s a peek behind the curtains at the many tasks show planners have to worry about to bring you a fun and informative show and them a successful event.

Expert towers offer tips on how to protect trucks, storage lot, equipment, office, and employees from harm and loss. Some of the latest security equipment and techniques are featured. Owners can keep their people and property a little safer by following some of these helpful suggestions.

Recovering Joplin

Published: 01/01/2012 by Allan Duffin in Feature

The recovery work performed by Santa Fe Towing Service and others in the wake of the horrendous tornado that devastated Joplin, Missouri, last year was truly heroic. Read the details here about a huge recovery effort that involved maneuvering around and through widespread debris to remove hundreds of destroyed vehicles.

The Little Giant

Published: 08/01/2012 by Jami Frankenberry in Feature

Did you see the award-winning Audi Quattro TV ad during the Super Bowl, the one involving the Alaska towman who had plenty of snow-scene towing work but never got to recover that Audi speeding by him? Well, we found the owner of the now-famous tow truck, the shop where the TV crews filmed, and the actor who played the driver, and we tell the story behind the creation of the popular commercial! It’s fun stuff.

Parts We Like: Everybody likes good, practical gear

Published: 07/01/2011 by Allan Duffin in Business

Footnotes asked several parts suppliers to share a few new or favorite items of towing gear that they thought would be of interest to our readers.

Some towers in Philadelphia are fiercely competitive, often racing to a scene to beat the tower called to handle the job, and this behavior is starting to get the attention of the city government, to the potential detriment of all towers there.

Russ On A Roll

Published: 08/01/2012 by Alison Johnson in Feature

A business profile of Russ Jones and how he built his Russ Automotive from scratch into a large and diverse towing and auto parts and repair company. Jones is also an innovator, having just patented the Highlites Advanced Warning System for tow trucks, which Jones feels will help prevent secondary collisions and protect people and property at recovery scenes.