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Border Crossing. Ever wondered what it’s like to tow into and out of increasingly dangerous Mexico? If so, you’ll be interested in the experiences of a few towers who do.

Dennis Wencel, our towing business columnist, cautions towers to think twice about the crucial decision to upgrade to heavy-duty work. He offers good advice for anyone giving such a growth plan some thought.

More Talk, Faster Action. The First of two important articles on the need for much more “interoperability,” that is, effective communication early and often between towers and other responders heading for a recovery scene. Here’s how one community in Missouri made their highways safer and are clearing scenes faster by involving towers from the get-go.

Managing and Motivating Young Employees

Published: 06/01/2012 by Christine Corelli in Business

towPartners Advisor features more than a dozen ways to motivate and manage employees from the younger generation. The author puts to rest the myth that most “Gen Y” employees don’t want to work hard. In fact, most just want to be treated right and managed well in return for their efforts. Want to know how to get the best from them?

Ms. Fix-It: For her; high-maintenance means quality car care

Published: 06/01/2011 by Allan T. Duffin in Business

After earning her chops working for others in auto maintenance and repair, Pam Oakes started her own Florida auto repair business and made it a success and an award-winner. Now she’s written a helpful guidebook for consumers called Car Care For The Clueless