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A Good Offense. It’s the best defense against those who would regulate our industry. The author of The Black Book business column advises towers to get involved to protect yourself, your company, and the industry.

Hard Choices

Published: 11/01/2011 by Thomas J. Dolan in Business

Tow company owners discuss their best & worst decisions

It’s not easy being green, as Kermit the Frog used to say. But tow company owners motivated to save fuel, improve their customer-service image, encourage safety, and perhaps be a bit more “green” can easily begin making some of the many improvements suggested here.

The holidays are a perfect time to consider what charitable and community efforts would best suit your towing firm. Helping others in your market area is not only a good thing for the recipients but it's a morale builder for your towing
tow trucks for tots
helping community
gary coe
tow charities

A Life On The Road

Published: 08/01/2011 by Chuck Murphy in Business

Chuck Murphy sent us a story about his life as a towman. He covers many issues of interest to others who have shared a similar life, unsung and often unappreciated, but always out there in bad weather and good, working hard to help motorists and clear the highways for police and other responders.

Weird things are left in abandoned vehicles, and here’s the fascinating collection of one salvager who’s kept most of what he’s found. Everything from pin-up calendars to…well, you’ll find out here.

Hooked On Classics. Veteran automotive historian John “Gunner” Gunnell, our long-time Hauling History columnist, brings you several articles on vintage tow trucks, including his own, a 1975 Ford F-350. He talks about car and truck restoration, and writes about one towing company that has served its community since 1919. Enjoy Gunner’s blasts from the past!

Huge Hauls

Published: 10/01/2011 by Gregory Van Tighem in Business

Giant trailers moved massive loads many miles

Diane Richardson’s husband tragically developed an illness that took him away from his beloved towing business. But this didn’t stop Diane from taking over Arrow Wrecker Service to not only keep the doors open but put the company on the road to even higher success.

Beyond Bling. Wait ‘til you see this blindingly blinged-up 1978 Ford F-350! It’s a wild and wonderful tow truck from Wild and Wonderful West Virginia that’s covered in chrome.