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Go Getters!

Published: 07/01/2012 by Allan Duffin in Business

Stuck with unclaimed cars on your lot? Debtors not paying you? Here’s how to help yourself get what you are due, and failing that, how to work with collection agencies who will chase the money down for you.

Steering Clear: How to avoid courtroom collision courses

Published: 05/01/2011 by Thomas G. Dolan in Legal

Steering Clear. Want to do everything possible to avoid going to court and the wasted time and expense to defend your interests, either as plaintiff or defendant? Here are some tips from the experts on how to avoid costly litigation. Read and heed!

ADVISOR: Non-Solicitation Non-Disclosure Non-Compete

Published: 08/01/2012 by Michele Godwin - Tow Consulting Group in towPartners advisor

In The Advisor. towPartners Advisor continues the August 2012 business theme with articles on Non-solicitation, non-disclosure, and non-compete agreements; Paying attention to your credit; Tech trends; Direct Connect, the next generation of Sprint push-to-talk service with broadband data capabilities; and a thoughtful essay on effective leadership and decision-making.

Having an attention-getting logo and eye-catching truck art is part of good marketing, but it is also important to know your state and community rules for sign size and wording, particularly if you are in private property towing. Here are tips for towers on smart signage.