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Having an attention-getting logo and eye-catching truck art is part of good marketing, but it is also important to know your state and community rules for sign size and wording, particularly if you are in private property towing. Here are tips for towers on smart signage.

Industry Standards

Published: 10/01/2011 by Jeffrey Godwin in Business

For a more successful industry

The Black Book. The author of “The Black Book On Towing” and owner of the website begins his first column of what will become an occasional series on how to be better at the business you’re in. Dennis Wencel is both a towman and a business writer and so he knows of what he speaks. Avoid the costly mistakes that can hurt your business and rob you of profits. Watch for The Black Book.

towPartners advisor: Marketing

Published: 03/01/2011 by Susan Marston in Marketing

The Advisor. The towPartners Advisor in now monthly in Footnotes. Advisor features advice in all areas of towing, from technical details to business operations. towPartners also offers towers the opportunity for great discounts from many equipment and service vendors.

Towman and towing business writer Dennis Wencel writes that as more and more towers are advertising online, many have decided to use keyword ad tools like Google Adwords. However, a trend of overpaying for these online leads is beginning to emerge. Understanding the costs involved in employing online tools can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Talking To Truckers: Marketing towing to guys with semis

Published: 12/17/2010 by Richard Wolfe in Marketing

Some useful tips here on how to market your towing business to trucking companies.