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Past Issues

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THE AUTO BODY & REPAIR SPEIAL ISSUE - Gathering No Moss:  How small repair shops can roll over big dealers

Multi-Tasking Towers:  Diversifying can add spice & profit to your business

The Forensic Mechanic:  A towman who's also a repairman does important side work

Car College:  Ohio Tech's success is driven by demand for mechanics

Rare In Repair:  Women mechanics are seldom seen but they git 'er done!

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The Speed Doctor:  Revved and ready for fast recoveries at the track

Men Of Steel:  Brown's supplies parts for collision work and repair

The Complete Toolbox:  Great gear to have onboard when you roll out of the shop

The Outside Source:  Helping cut expenses while keeping customers happy

Deduct Or Capitalize!:  Repair & maintenance costs have new IRS rules

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The Big Sandy:  Towers drive across the country to help in recovery

Partners In Recovery:  The popular Florida show now features the all-new Repo Expo

Top Billing:  Get online customers to click on you first and fast

The Roadside Diplomat:  How to expertly handle the range of reactions you get from customers

Heroes Hangout:  A place to talk through horrors seen on-scene

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THE REPOSSESSION SPECIAL ISSUE - The Big Stuff:  In commercial repo, the little things don't count

Riding With Reiter:  Big Mike makes trucks & bucks to help agents

On The Cybertrail:  Skip-tracers use computers to track deadbeat debtors

Night Moves:  It's often dirty work but the best agents keep it clean

I'm Just Asking...:  A serious question for recovery owner/agents

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From Head To Hands:  How tow truck equipment gets off the drawing board & into gear you can use

Ads On Wheels:  A good image in the field brings results to the shop

Slippery Situation:  Unseen ice leads to an unexpected roadway result

California Coalition:  A new organization seeks to unify motor club towers

REPOSSESSION - Paper Weight:  The reporting requirements for recovery agents keeps growing

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Over The Edge:  Dangling cab, mangled trailer, no problem

Computerized Cabs:  Making tow trucks into mobile communications centers

Car-Crazy Kansan:  Randy Rundle tells tales of towing and repoing

Double-Edged Sword:  Both consumers and towers benefit from the Pelkey decision

REPOSSESSION - Great Escapes:  Recovery agents need speed, stealth and patience

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Cab Over, Driver Down:  Years of cross-training let this team to a successful extraction

Hard Lessons Learned:  A WreckMaster-trained fire and rescue responder describes the improvements the teams made after two grisly incidents

Cloud Clearing:  Piercing the fog about web-based towing software

What Just Happened?:  How towers can help preserve accident evidence

REPOSSESSION - The Three Skips:  Find the missing debtors' type, then go get 'em!

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Grab & Go!:  Fast, Light loaders Let Towers & Repomen Lock, Lift, Load & Leave!

Trailer Cash:  Badger bets on a win with a place at the shows

Shift Change:  A towman's sharp eye and initiative saves the day

Hooked On Speed:  Julie Strom grew up with racing cars and wreckers

REPOSSESSION - Repossession Lessons:  What it takes to be a collateral recovery agent

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Rotator To The rescue:  Well-trained responders know towers can help them save lives

What's On The Lot?:  If you don't know you're losing money

Towing With A Twist:  The unusual stuff makes towing & repo interesting

Down With Downtime:  Keep the fleet up & running with smart PM scheduling

REPOSSESSION - Recovery Or Decline?:  Is the repo industry getting a lift or coming unhooked?

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Do It Once Do It Right:  Clear the scene fast and final with a WreckMaster checklist

Keep On Truckin':  Nuggets of long-haul history from the open road

Good News Bad News:  Strong steel can protect during a wreck but hinder rescue

New, Tough & Up Front:  The 2014 GMC Sierra 3500HD & Chevy Silverado chassis cabs

REPOSSESSION - The One That Got Away:  Sometimes it's better to give up a repo and leave the scene

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Off The Hook:  Did O.J. Simpson go free because of bungled towing evidence?

Working Together:  Life on the job with families in towing

The Great Divide:  A highly trained incident responder tells how towers can help close gaps to effective recovery and rescue

Now Hear This!:  Sound Protection can pay off for scene responders

REPOSSESSION - Three Types of Tracer:  If you skip out on your debts, these folks are after you

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Recovering Joplin:  How towers did their part in relief efforts after the tornado

Community Service - Hauling Fun To Joplin:  Fifteen towers from nine companies volunteered to help

Tips From The Top:  Successful towers discuss best business practices

Critical Calls:  Proper telephone use will improve your business

towPartners Advisor:  5 FREE MILES - In the last few years our company has completely eliminated all motor clubs

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Where Are Our Future Towers?:  Hard work & long hours turn off today's young people

Where's Your Target?:  Hit it dead center with smart marketing

Shooting Beauties:  Earl Johnson brings glamour to tow truck photography

Pilot Project:  Debuting a versatile multi-purpose road service unit

towPartners Advisor:  The Revolving Door - Do you find yourself always looking for an employee?

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Buying New Or Used?:  Current thinking on an age-old industry question

The Black Book:  Quick Response - These bar codes can save you time and add value

Staying Alive & Intact:  Ideas & products to help protect you & your customers

Rough & Ready:  Why diesel may be your best choice for tough trucking

towPartners Advisor:  Towing Management Software - To the untrained eye, anything from rasin bran to towing can be considered a commodity

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Tow Ho! Ho!:  It's Footnotes' 2nd Annual April Fools Humor Issue

Who Ya Gonna Call?:  A bit of background on some of the top-tier motor clubs

It's All About The Bottom Line:  A towman shares his experiences with motor clubs, pro and con

A Moving (Over) Story:  How my efforts to pass a life-saving law paid off

towPartners Advisor:  FMCSA Ban on Hand Held Cellular Phones - Understanding the rules for commercial drivers

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On With The Show!:  Going to one is fun and informative but planning and running one is difficult, time-consuming work

Footnotes Exclusive - When Trucks Fly!:  The Terrible Texas Tornado (special 3-page spread)

Cool Stuff, Famous Names:  Associations make things happen, often against the odds

Future Tech - Part 1: Field Productivity:  Five forcasts to help towers shape future strategies

towPartners Advisor:  The Towing Industry And Reality Television - Reality: (re-al-i-ty) the state or quality of being real

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Locked & Chocked!:  Putting more power and muscle into protecting your property and employees

Cowboy Dan:  Helping drivers have a better shot at highway safety

Future Tech - Part 2: Redefining Operations:  Five forecasts to help towers shape future strategies

Incident Response - More Talk, Faster Action:  Why towers should be in radio contact with all responders

towPartners Advisor:  Managing and Motivating Young Employees -How do you get optimal performance from someone in the "Younger Generation"

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The Hauling History Issue! - Hooked on Classics:  Our veteran hauling history colmnist brings you a garage-full of vintage tow trucks!

The Real Repo:  It's tough work but not like you see on reality TV

Tower In The Dell:  Platt's Garage has served this resort area since 1919

Future Tech - Part 3: Integrating Technology:  Five forecasts to help towers shape future strategies

towPartners Advisor:  Put Your Employees In Uniforms - According to JD Power & Assoc. 60% prefer to buy from employees wearing uniforms

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Russ On A Roll:  How Russ Jones built a successful business from scratch, towing and inventing as well as doing all things automotive

$avings $$$:  You earned it.  Here's how to keep more of it.

The Little Giant:  Audi commercials make an old red tow truck famous

Future Tech - Part 4: Beyond Digital Dispatch:  Five forecasts to help towers shape future strategies

towPartners Advisor:  Non-Solicitation, Non-Disclosure, Non-Compete - Non-Pirating employee agreements to protect you and your business.

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Green Towing:  How good environmental practices in the shop can pay off

Covered? Maybe Not.:  Towing company insurance has evolved.  Has yours?

A Badger's Delight:  Wisconsin's show provided antique truck treats

Future Tech - Part 5: The Virtual Office:  More ideas that could change how you run your shop

towPartners Advisor:  Getting Started in Private Property Impound - it is a specialized field, and there are many things to keep in mind

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The Fire & Rescue Special Issue - Wildfire!!:  Towers assist firefighters as Colorado burns

Can They Trust You?:  Tired of waiting in your truck when you could be helping?

Rolling Tough!:  New fire technology has staying power

The Five Cs:  Challenges for towers who work fire & rescue scenes

towPartners Advisor:  Repo vs. Towing - According to insurance 

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The Annual Holiday Gift Guide For Towers:  From towing t-shirts to tow truck toys, here are some gifts that are sure to please!

The 2012 Tribute To Our Fallen Heroes:  Tom Tedford, Senior Vice President of United Road Towing gave this moving and informative tribute

The Last Text:  Mandy Frizzley became the first woman on The Wall

Kiddie Wreckers:  Antique metal toy tow trucks make valuable gifts

towPartners Advisor:  Impound Research - In this article, we will tackle the issue indepth.  Let's start at the beginning - research.

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Tow Trucks Abroad:  Building & selling them overseas is not like here

Stacked In Your Favor:  Keep your towing business moving with a better bank

Monster Move:  Emmert rolls again with four incredible hulks!

Try Something New:  There's more than one way towers can make a buck

Helping Hatcher:  A Mater replica will be auctioned to help sick kids

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The Equipment Issue - Get It In Gear!:  Do manufacturers listen to your ideas when they design new equipment like this?

The Tech Men:  Towers talk about some favorite new gear

Six Seen At SEMA:  New tools for towers spotted at the huge trade show

Regulations:  How about a little help here?

Talking To Truckers:  Marketing towing to guys with semis

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Bucks For Trucks:  How to get the cash you need to stay on the road

The Middle Man:  Jump in to get your company name out and about

The Shocking Truth!:  How to avoid getting a charge from electric-powered vehicles

Repo Madness:  The colorful Lizard Lickers get a second reality show

NEW! - towPartners Advisor:  The towing economy is 10-8 for growth

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The Training Issue - Ready For The Road:  Teaching towers to take the path to professionalism

First Hire Wisely:  Then get your money's worth from training

Take It From The Top:  Two experts discuss the qualities of great trainers

The Wrecking Crew:  A tower reverses routine & rolls upright cars over

towPartners Advisor:  Marketing

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The April Fool Issue:  A funny thing happened at work today

Success From Scratch:  After a tragedy, this family moves onward and upward

What's Up Front:  The right chassis is critical to operating the body in back

A Really Good Show!:  Making the most of your trip to industry events

towPartners Advisor:  Cost of Business - In the towing industry, busy does not always mean profitable!

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He Knows Where You Are:  Using top-notch technology to track your tow trucks

Puzzle Master:  This engineer seeks and finds equipment flaws

Steering Clear:  How to avoid courtroom collision courses

Smart Start-Up:  Bright ideas on funding a new towing business

towPartners Advisor:  Firends of Towing

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The Greater Good:  Towers everywhere should seek to achieve this

I'm Tired Of You Too!:  Tough times for towers don't justify bad behavior

What's Your Sign?:  It's about more than just fancy truck graphics and logos

Try This Our Way:  Terific towing tips from our Canadian colleagues

towPartners Advisor:  Can towing companies perform asset recovery work?

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Equal Partners?:  Are towers gaining respect as first responders?

Parts We Like:  Suppliers select some favorite old and new towing gear

ICEs vs. EVs:  Will electric power ever replace other fuels?

My Crazy Career:  A retired towman tells his best stories from the road

towPartners Advisor:  Motor Clubs

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A Life On The Road:  Recalling 30 years at the wheel of a tow truck

Go Getters!:  How Collection agencies can help you find the money

Bad Guys At Work:  Using tow trucks to steal cars is growing worse

Follow The Money:  How to find hidden cash in your tow company

towPartners Advisor:  Teamwork

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Computer Gurus:  They offer managers top-notch tools in towing technology

Heavies & A Hot Rod:  A 1940 Ford shines amidst the big boys

Online Leads:  They can be profitable or push you over a cost cliff

Retreads & Repairs:  Both can save you cash and help the environment

towPartners Advisor:  Motor Clubs - Can help you grow your business instead of seeming like annoying fill in work

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Night Moves:  Thieves are stealing tow trucks to steal cars

Swiping Smart:  It pays to properly process customer credit cards

Huge Hauls - Mountain Monsters:  Giant trailers moved massive loads many miles

A Bridge Too Far:  Eight tractor-trailers were blown over by high winds

towPartners Advisor:  Industry Standards - For a more successful industry

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Hard Choices:  Tow company owners discuss their best & worst decisions

Gifted Towers:  Holiday ideas for showing your appreciation for your staff

Rescue & Rigging:  A veteran towman shares some recovery techniques

Going All Out:  This towing family is hooked on old-time drag racing

towPartners Advisor:  Is Membership Important? - Does it really matter if I am a member of a towing association?

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Smooth Operators:  KC Scout is creating a new national standard for communication between on-sceen responders

Towing On TV:  How industry pros view reality-show repo and recovery

A Whole New Haul Game:  Thinking of going into repo work?  Here's some things too think about before you roll

Weather Watch - Cold Calls:  Towing safely in winter road conditions

towPartners Advisor:  The Art of Dispatch - Dispatching is tough.  It is no job for a wimp.

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Special Tow Business Edition - Glimmers Of Hope: The times are dark for towers but are some seeing the light?

Plug Your Profit Drain: Eight ways to securely seal a leaky bottom line

A Helping Hand: Use this new program to get bucks from your bank

How To Help The Hurt:

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Horror By The Highway: Dealing with stress after roadside carnage

Too Heavy? Too Long?: What's in and what's out of a proposed weight exemption law

What's SCR, DEF, NOx, and EGR?: It's what towers need to know about 201 diesel engines

Mom At The Wheel: A mother-son towing team build a business together

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Parts People Part I: Going behind the counter with the folks who keep your trucks rollin'!

Parts People Part II: Modern innovations improve quality, safety, and service

Bigfoot Is Coming!: More on the rising threat of industry re-regulation

Captain Kidder: This body man spreads fun with creative car creations

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Somebody Has To Do It: The private property tow is an unpopular necessity

A Hard Fight Won: Legislative lobbying success in New Jersey

Tracking Trucks: AVL systems help towers keep eyes on the road

Mired In Muck: Recovering a sunken tug

Growing In Towing: A dramatic career is showing no signs of slowing

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20th Anniversary! - Publishing Pioneer: Following in the footsteps of Footnotes' founding father

Memories Of The Master: The Dean of Towmen and Grandfather of Towing Education shares some of his recollections from the early days of Footnotes

Hauling's Historian: John Gunnell has kept old tow trucks rolling in memory

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The Road To Revival: Some guideposts for the path back to prosperity

Lighter Loads: The new RVs are easier than ever to tow

The Lizard Lickers: Give 'em a dirty job and these tough Tarheel towers will do it

To Bid Or Not To Bid?: Pros, cons & politics of getting on rotation lists

Towman On Foot: For a cause

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A Family of Pioneers: An exclusive interview with Jerry Holmes, grandson of the founder

Depth Charge!: These guys go into action on water as well as land

Will This Help Or Hurt?: How health care may affect the health of your business

World-Class Recovery: Could hauling this 1400-ton sub be a record?

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Lighten Up!: Bright ideas for towers who want to see and be seen

Driven To Distraction: Your safety lights may create unsafe situations

California Teaming: Busting bandits through statewide cooperation

Your Very Own Avatar: You are a virtual star in this new training system

Tow Tech: Two articles about brakes

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Fightin' Words!: How to slug your way back to the top

A Bridge Too Far: Stories of recoveries both foul & failed

Automotive Firsts: Historical tidbits about your favorite towed vehicle

Business Bulls-Eye!: If you're planning to sell, stay on target with these tip

Critical Coverage: What insurance do you need?

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Stop The Cobra: Don't let your wire rope become a deadly striking snake

Pothole People: They can take you down the failure freeway fast

In The Line Of Fire: Protecting drivers who find themselves in harm's way

Tire Tech: Articles about tire safety

When Towing Is A Pain: Here's what to do if you go home hurting 

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The Stranded Customer: Should you put her in your cab or her car?

In The Driver's Seat: Sitting too long can create prostate problems

Unexpected Treasures: Some very strange things found in salvage vehicles

On With The Show: Clarifying your tax breaks for going to industry events

Spotlight: On Holiday Gifts & Toys 

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Charity Begins At Work: Ideas for towers on how to help in their communities

Nights & Daze: A wake-up call that may improve your life and work

Higher & Higher Tech: Build business by adopting amazing advancements

A Ticking Time Bomb: The effects of hazmat exposure can arise much later

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January 2009


Weathering The Storm: How to stay afloat in a sea of economic uncertainty

Web Wisdom: Having a first-rate towing Net site is just good business

Bad Hangover: Tricky recovery on a treacherous hillside

Watch Your Back: Private property tows can be lucrative but dangerous

Tow With Coe: Tips from a respected pro

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February 2009


Staying Alive: Even Experts Make Mistakes: Part 1: Think your experience will keep you safe? Think again.

City Towing Miami Vice Part I: Rogues are running rampant, ruining reputations

Part II: The city doesn't show much respect for honest towers

Hauling & Installing: The man who moves the art that moves mankind

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March 2009


Wheeler Stealer: What can be done to prevent theft by employees?

Staying Alive: Even Experts Make Mistakes: Part 2: Still think experience keeps you safe? Keep thinking

The Point Is Change: But will it be bad or good for your towing business?

Diversity Works: Variety helps keep his trucks rolling through hard times

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April 2009


Staying Alive: Even Experts Make Mistakes: Part 3: Towers give examples of some of their worst errors

Rolling In The Dough: Tips on building solid value into your business

Good Men Down: This towing family carries on after their tragic loss

Hidden Profits: How your impound yard can yield unexpected benefits

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May 2009


High-End Hauling: Certain customers want their classy cars cuddled

Moving Stars' Cars: Hauling exotic autos for the rich & famous

Views You Can Use: How some tow companies go up in a down market

"Your Fee Is Too High!": Them's fighting words to a busy recovery man

Ron's Remarkable Riverbank Recovery

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June 2009


A Stack Of Trouble A Pile Of Pain??: Dealing with your creditors during hard times

Mountain Men At Work: Icy roads, scary cliffs, and tight turns mean business

Removing Drivelines, Part I: One towman's views on a basic but crucial procedure

Part II: When can you leave it in with the engine running?

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July 2009


Training & Certification Giving Unity A Fair Shake: But will trainers go along with TRAA's efforts?

Building A Wall: Separating your business & personal expenses

Cutting To The Core: Are your professional actions truly bearing fruit?

Responsible Responders: How things work on a well-organized TIM team

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August 2009


On The Beach: Sea & Land towmen work together to recover a beached yacht

Queens Of The Road: Girl power gets the towing done in the desert

Cool Fuel: A brief bio about the biodiesel blends

Lessons In Lobbying: Texas towers stormed the Statehouse

Jumbo Jeep: A military monster converted for recovery work

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September 2009


Cushion Your Business: Load-shift recovery: A new avenue for revenue?

Sprint with Clint: NASCAR's Bowyer got off to a fast start in towing

Those Back Lot Blues: On irate customers, crappy clunkers, and lost costs

Don't Be Shocked!: Are you prepared to safely tow hybrid vehicles?

Towing Abroad: On The Arab Street

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October 2009


Dangerous, Deadly, Bizarre: Towers should be aware of the worst that can happen

Filling The Gap: AutoReturn technology improves municipal towing

What's The Word?!: An outspoken towman speaks out on towing today

A Whale Of A Job!: But it was no fun hoisting a huge, smelly carcass

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Dangerous, Deadly, Bizarre Part II: Towers should be aware of the worst that can happen

Winter Warning!: Are you prepared for towing in the cold?

Depriving Uncle: Year-end tax-saving tips

Disaster In Darkness: A multi-vehicle night accident challenges responders

What's In Your Truck?: Things to keep in your cab

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Special Issue: The Scourge Of Predatory Towing - The Re-Regulation Threat: The winds of law are blowing against towing

A Lot Of Pull: Arriving to laughter, leaving to applause

Over The Edge: A steep canyon recovery challenges the experts

Tanks Or No Tanks: The mostly cons & some pros of on-site fueling

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January 2008


Money-Making Monster Machines: High-dollar heavies will pay off with proper planning

Wrecks And The City: NY towers deal with many regs, low rates & jammed streets

Trucks = Bucks: Your vehicles reveal whether you've got a profit or a loss

Standing Up For Towers: TRAA is developing industry positions on major issues

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February 2008


Fracture In Florida: Are separate shows symptoms of a deepening industry rift?

Cars Under Cover: These towers get vehicles off the road but also out of sight

Nitty Gritty In The City: New York City's association has tough issues on its plate

Friendly Hire: Working with your competitors can make you a winner

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March 2008


Towing Troopers: Think your work is tough? Try a recovery under Fire!

Master Of Design: He will soon share several secretly developed innovations

Danger, Darkness & Daring: Singing the praises of unsung champions of the road

Towing & Only Towing: This towman has resisted expanding into other businesses

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April 2008


Truckers On Towers: Big rig drivers & trucking insurers sound off about us

Top Picks: Servicing lockouts presents both challenges & opportunities

Two Into One: The urge to merge is paying off for former competitors

High & Low Tows: What should the fee be for towing luxury autos?

Mastering Resistance: Man vs. machine

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May 2008


Remote Recovery: Tips from experts who retrieve aircraft in rough terrain

Get Wrecked!!: SPEEDtv's new series features well-known towing family

Rugged Recovery: Retrieving a heavy casualty from a big mountain

Rollback Rescue: How you can help save lives with your carrier

Crash Course: Learn to recover aircraft

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June 2008


When Less Is More: Light-duty tow trucks are the real industry workhorses

An Unexpected Ally: OSHA wants to work with, not against, the towing industry

One Rollover, Two Recoveries: How light-duty & heavy-duty would handle it

Right On Regulation: Nevada gets good marks from its towing industry

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July 2008


Fun With Mark & Dave: Happily building tow trucks - and they've got a secret

Cool-Hand Cooley: How a former teacher earned a place in our Hall of Fame

Making Copies: Asian business methods were not popular at this truck show

Roadside Remedy: One way to get quick access to your small gear

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August 2008


Problems At The Pump - Diesel Damage Control: Everyone's pulling out all the stops to save fuel costs

Brewing Up Business: Terrel's cooks its own biodiesel to beat fuel prices

Danger Propane - Touchy Tanks: How to keep the pain out of propane recoveries

Heavy-Duty Hazard: Dangerous recovery of a rolled propane tanker

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September 2008


The Tie-Down Debate: Will the eight-point tie-down replace traditional straps?

Breaking In - Tow Dreamin': Can your ambitions withstand the harsh light of reality?

Starting From Scratch: How one young towman went from zero to success

Starting Young: This towman was an old hand by the sixth grade

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October 2008


The Human Element: Fuel prices impact more than your company's bottom line

Capturing History: The photography of Charles Rash

The Chicago Chasers: City-wide predatory towing has gotten out of hand

Electrical Specs: How to properly maintain your truck's power system

President Johnson: Serving our towing museum

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November 2008


Heavy Rescue 56: The LA fire department has a special recovery truck

Women Of Towing - Teaming Up To Tow: Two friends have partnered to build a business together

Molly Jumper Roadrunner: This renaissance woman keeps motorists moving

Company & Community: Semi-retired, Marilyn Hewitt still makes time for both

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December 2008


Towing Safaris: This African company covers nearly a million square miles

Associations I: What's The Best Choice?: There's more than one style of association leadership

II: Lone Star Leader: The STO chose executive director-style governance

The Mayor Is A Towman: Frank Scotto runs many businesses and a city

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January 2007


Moving Heavy Metal: Aspects of tractor-trailer recovery, both then and now

Miller's Multi-Million Makeover: The world's largest builder of tow trucks modernizes its operation

No Money In It?: He makes his elsewhere but still can't give up towing

A Towing Affair: Ginger Smith fell in love with tow trucks early on

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February 2007


No School Like Old School: Some inventive tricks of the trade by industry veterans

Working Parts: The ins and outs of salvage as a second business for towers

The Art of Towing, Part I: Three sisters and Mom run colorful trucks inspired by Dad

Re-Inventing Yourself: Is it time to take another look at how you do business?

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March 2007


The Invisible Towman: Our selfless services are seldom appreciated and usually unseen. What can be done to reveal to the public all the good that we do?

Rollover Science: Big rigs aren't the only trucks that overturn - so can yours!

The Art of Towing, Part II: His passion is painting and customizing cars and trucks

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April 2007


To Pull Or Not To Pull: That is the question about axles and drivelines

Q & A Tom Luciano & Joe Sroga: On their efforts to improve vehicle design for towing

Don't Knock The Knack: Sometimes common sense beats a classroom education

Muscle Truck: Miller and Twin Cities restore the world's fastest wrecker

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May 2007


Home, Home On The Road: Luxury RVs are big, boxy and really bothersome to tow

A Change Of Place: Exporting more used tow trucks could alter our industry

Coming Out Ahead: Critical tips for the successful sale of a towing business

How Florida Helped Texas: A little chat at an association meeting had big results

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June 2007


The Salvagers - Copart Wants You!: Looking for a way to get more towing business? Read this.

Scrap & Pull: This family believes towing & salvage go hand in hand

MY GPS, Your GPS: Don't just listen to vendors - talk to other towers

Towing Goes To College: Unifersity grad students are learning about our industry

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July 2007


Witness To Gridlock: The author saw first-hand the need for quick clearance programs

Towing + Repair?: Is it an advantage to do both the hauling and the fixing?

Beyond The Curve: From a rough start, this towman built a smooth operation

Towmen On Top: How to earn the respect and admiration of all responders

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August 2007


Second-Class First Responders: Towers take the same risks but don't get the same respect

Fit To Be Towed: Towmen who ignore their health are courting disability

Naked Came The Towman: Think you've had bad nights on the road?

"Used" Is Not A Bad Word: An old truck may offer more dash than a new one with flash

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September 2007


Motorway Mess Management: Careless highway clean-up and disposal can be costly

Towing's Legal Eagles: Two attorneys who've kept a sharp eye on industry issues

Danger! Hidden Hazard: An invisible threat lurks inside that wrecked vehicle

Insurance Shopping Tips: Don't pay too much or buy too little

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October 2007


Towman Down!: One type of recovery no operator wants to face

We Need More Mikes!: They do the things that improve your life as a tower

Bagging Bucks: Rules for collecting revenue due to you

A Profitable Partner: Starting small, he helps the industry save millions

Dang, That Hurt!: Handling minor injuries when on a call

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November 2007


Cool Tools - Out Of The Toolbox: Towers pick their favorites for towing & repair jobs

Towing Over There: Recovery is often done differently abroad - sometimes better

Made In China: Galaxy builds trucks in the Far East and sells 'em here

No Load Too Big: It's the method of operation that makes the difference

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December 2007


Towing The Big Apple Part I: Rules, regs, wrecks and racket but it's thrilling

A Dynamic Story: New owners breathe life into a famous old company

Road King Of The Yukon: Tourists, truckers, snow & narrow roads keep this Canadian towman busy

Multi-Tasking Team: Cross-trained employees add versatility & profitibility

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January 2006


Talking With Tom: The great towing trainer chats about the industry

Risky Business: Making management decisions that protect against failure

Summers' Place: This company takes special pride in its community

Hell On Wheels: A wrecked trailer with no hazmat placard may still be DANGEROUS

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February 2006


Spec-A-Wrecker: Things to think about...BEFORE buying that new beauty

Towing In Paradise: The same industry problems with better weather & scenery

Hazmat Part III - Looks Can Deceive: The ordinary stuff in a truck can get you in trouble

A Valuable Partner: This organization has saved tow companies MILLIONS

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March 2006


The Quiet Revolution: How the Hawkins family forever changed the towing industry

All's Well With Weller: Jerr-Dan's chief worked his way up from the shop room floor

Towing Safety - Halting Highway Havoc: Angela Roper knows how to keep towers from getting killed

Industry Angels: The WTRAA turns 25

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April 2006


Plane Talk: Well-Grounded advice on aircraft recovery

Scalehouse Blues: Weight issues also affect your safety

Future Of Fuel - The 2007 Diesel Rules: Be aware and beware of the changes to the fuel rules

Hazmat Part IV - The High Price Of Hazmat: A disastrous recovery effort can bankrupt a towing company

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May 2006


The Truck Driven 'Round The World: The amazing travels of a rollback with a very special cargo

The Fear Factor: Worrying about the job's dangers will not make you safer

Sex, Lies & Lawsuits: Harassment claims can arise to your surprise

Your Money Or Your Life: Both are at stake, take care of your truck

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June 2006


A Dangerous Man: He's the tower with years of experience and no close calls

Backlot Treasures: Is there automotive gold rusting in your storage yard?

Planes, Trains, Barges & Cows: Mike Willimon's large towing and repair operation does it all!

Big Orange: It's a consolidated effort when this crew hits the road

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July 2006


Move Over, Buddy - And Move It Too!: The new safety measures are slowly gaining public acceptance

A Trooper Talks Towing: A police captain offers frank opinions about our industry

A Tow Star Is Born: Building a real version of a cartoon wrecker for Cars

Credible Credit: What it takes to borrow bucks

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August 2006


Hauling The Heavyweights: Towing buses has its own dangers and difficulties

It Doesn't Add Up: Hidden costs can bring you up short over the long haul

They've Got Your Number!: Safe driving programs can work for towing companies

Happy To See A Towman: Making good people feel better when bad things happen

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September 2006


Lessons From Abroad: Do foreign nations have superior incident management programs?

Can't We All Just Get Along?!: Here's what police think about us and our industry

Rebuilding Ol' Reliable: Cosmetic surgery can bring new life to your old favorite

Towing Thieves: How to prevent and detect employee fraud

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October 2006


Can't We All Just Get Along? Part II: Firefighters & EMTs discuss relationship with towers

Highway Hustlers: Scabs leave open wounds on the industry's reputation

Biggest Towing Job Ever!: Smiths spearhead vehicle cleanup in New Orleans

Be A Smart Creditor: How to minimize risk when you finance customer debt

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November 2006


Can't We All Just Get Along? Part III: Towers talk about working with fire, police and rescue

The Sales Job: What the sellers say about selling you a new truck

Profit Motives: One towman's ideas on how to prosper in the business

Still Can't Get The Car?: Follow the 10 commandments of demanding and you will

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December 2006


Dodging Damage & Danger: Seeking auto designs that will make towing easier and safer

The Interview: Wes Wilburn: A conversation with one of the leading trainers

Dual & Dueling: The pros and cons of having two associations in one state

Driving Drunks: Towers who keep holiday boozers from becoming losers

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January 2005


Tales Towers Tell: Lighter side of a heavy-duty industry

Association Options: Could alliances with automotive or trucking groups help the towing industry?

Price Per Pound Part I: How & why this billing system works for big rig recoveries

The Greatest Gear: Towing pioneer looks back at 50 years of industry inventions

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February 2005


Preserving Evidence: Every vehicle you tow or recover has a story

The Rotation Riddle: Alternatives are on the way that may end this some day

Price Per Pound Part II: When called for a rollover, you can price the job on the spot

To Comply Or Not To Comply?: That is the question you, as a tow company owner, must answer

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March 2005


Rotators Yea Or Nay?: Should owning one be a requirement for incident management?

No Calls Waiting: Dispatchers are the ones who keep you on your tows...

Get The Picture?: Protect yourself by taking the right photos at the scene

Old Enemy, New Friend: Competitors who work together cut costs and improve business

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April 2005


A Good Man Is Hard To Find: How do you hire and retain the best young tow operators?

The Towman's Friend: A surprising source may get you paid for big recoveries

The Industry Inside Out: Debating regulation, associations, PPI towing, revenue, and more

Anger Takes The Wheel: Road rage incidents are on the rise

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May 2005


Lower Insurance Costs?: Impossible? Not necessarily. Here are some ideas that might help.

Da Man Or Da Moose?: This towman goes into the wild where others fear to tread

A Dirty Little Secret: Towers often lose when the caller asks them to lower their bills

Moneyology!: The key to making more money is adding skills

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June 2005


Overlooked Dangers, Part I: Even experienced towers can get careless if they're not careful

Crash Course: How not to wreck your reputation at the accident scene

A Credit To The Industry: They don't make 'em like Ernie Lindbo anymore

What's In It For Me?: Cooperative training will help you as well as accident victims

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July 2005


Careful, That's My Ride!: Tough motorcyclists expect gentle treatment

Heavy-Duty Headaches?: Can a big new wrecker wreck your business?

Public Image No. 1: A pretty picture doesn't come to mind when people think "towing"

Overlooked Dangers, Part II: This one can hit you hardest when you're least expecting it

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August 2005


Women Talk Towing: Some run the trucks, some run the business, some both

Just Towing - Or More?: Differing views on towers going into different businesses

WreckMaster On The Move: The tow trainers are advancing in three major areas

The Bottom Line On Design: The need to build in more vehicle towability

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September 2005


The GOOD, The BAD & The UGLY: Customers make good stories...

A Little Action On The Side: The SP8000 is an innovative blend of carrier & wrecker

Post-Traumatic Stress - Horror By The Highway: Rescuers cope with memories of trauma

Delayed Reaction: How the author coped with an unexpected stress disorder

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October 2005


Quick Clearance, Part I: A concept that may be on its way to a highway near you

A Good Man Is Hard To Keep: Owners offer tips to hang onto top operators

The Gurus Of Gear: A family business treats its employees & customers like family

Something Loose Back There?: There's trouble if your truck isn't loaded safely

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November 2005


The Towers' Top Target: Will the industry ever resolve its differences with motor clubs?

The Industry's Advocate: Ready to battle threats to America's towers

Quick Clearance, Part II: Why has the program not received more support from towers?

Going The Extra Mile: A veteran towman shares his views on success

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December 2005


Surviving Katrina: A remarkably fast recovery by a devastated tow company

The Build-It-Yourself Tow Truck: It's a true labor of love - equipment, space, money and time

What's That Stuff In There?: Part I of a three-part overview on HazMat

Quick Clearance, Part III: The TIM programs in each region are different in many ways

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January 2004


A Full Plate: Lawyers predict the major issues for 2004

These Towers Are Finks!: And darn good at what they do, including collecting old car stuff

Towing At The Top: Wild and wooly tales of cold, muddy recoveries in the far north

Recoveries On Ice: One of the most dangerous jobs, but it must be done to save a life

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February 2004


Up With Towers!: Cross-training allows police, fire and EMS to see what you can do

Fireman, Towman, Trainer: One man who fills three important roles in his community

Smooth Operators: Here's what several experts think it takes to make a good one

Hiring The Best: Finding a good driver can cost you but it will be worth it

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March 2004


Holding Your Own: Experts suggest ways to keep that good operator you hired

Towing & Teaching: A towman with business savvy discusses the future of the industry

The Fire Side: Aspects of recovery from the fireman's point of view

Success By Association: The PWOF is a prime example of an activist towing organization

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April 2004


Towers With Altitude: The mountain men get the steep and deep jobs done

Bankers Don't Bite: Insider tips on successfully landing a business loan

Seeking A Solid Foundation: An issue towers can agree on - help for grieving families

An Onus On The Bonus?: Does Florida's clearance plan have hidden dangers for towmen?

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May 2004


Heading For A Wreck?: The industry may need a recovery if we don't get our act together

Heavy Metal Blues: The industry is steeling itself for suppliers' price increases

Too Many Tow Shows?: Multiple choices are frustrating many vendors & towers

How Did It Happen?: Accident reconstruction can add income

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June 2004


Dangerous Cargo?: A crucial overview of what to do when you're leery of the load

A Long Look Ahead: Experts offer their vision of the future of towing

Making towing Safer: Will these new products help save lives and reduce injuries?

The SuperDrive: A new fuel-saving device could be a boon for the industry

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July 2004


The Best & Worst Of Towing: A sampling of what towers like and dislike about the industry

Working On The Edge: How things have changed in 47 years of living dangerously

Friendly Fire: Two veteran towmen debate the pros & cons of a major issue

Rating The Rates: Bill jobs carefully to avoid cheating yourself

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August 2004


Home, Home On The Web: Towers from all over gather to chat at

The Big Ten: Things to consider before going into heavy-duty recovery

Invoicing The Job: Do it right so you can get paid with-out an argument...or worse

A national Question: Should standards be set for training as well as certification?

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September 2004


Towing With The Troops: Military operators are well-trained but face big risks

The Light Side Of Towing: In a heavy-duty world, valuable LD training is often ignored

The View From Above: You can't escape your problems by going to Canada

Tennessee Two-fer: Double your fun at Chattanooga's tow show and museum

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October 2004


Mistakes Towers Make: What you think you know & do wrong once can kill you

3 For The Show: A sampling of the Chicago, Wisconsin & Indiana towing events

Bring 'Em Out Alive: How towers use their equipment to save accident victims

Meeting Of The Minds: Feds, police, and towers discuss industry hot buttons

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November 2004


Hurricane Heroes: Towers answer the call to help storm-devastated communities

Show You're A Pro: Demonstrating both style & substance at the scene

High-End Headaches: Cars with luxury-model features can cause trouble

Stuck With The Junk: Fed up with losing money on abandons, towers are taking action

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December 2004


Santa Claus Is Coming To Tow: When Al Gregg is around, every day seems like Christmas

Tricks Of The Trade: Towers create their own innovative tools and techniques

Towing In The Pink: It may be a woman's color but it works in a man's world

Towing With TIM: Many think it's the future & that it's time to get on board

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