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Do you want to know how to advertise and market your towing company? This program will drive more cash calls to your business through a comprehensive online marketing plan that uses a custom mix of local business profiles, targeted keyword advertising and a custom company website making this the last decision you have to make about online advertising for your towing company. This no hassle plan helps you get your share of the online cash calls for only $199.95/mo. which includes $50/mo. in Google Adwords Keyword Advertising spending. Why manage relationships with 20+ online companies when you can have it all with TowProgram.

Developed by Dennis Wencel the Black Book of Towing was created to help towing businesses succeed. He has taken his experience in advertising, marketing, accounting and finance and combined it with his years running a towing and recovery company to create a proven plan to increase company profits by working smarter and not harder.

As an industry, towing and recovery professionals sometimes view each other more as enemies than allies. We rarely share experiences either of successes or failures with our fellow operators. And often any information that is shared has been embellished a bit. This may be born of necessity as any leg up we provide to our direct competition has an immediate and adverse effect on our ability to support our own family.

In my years spent in towing and recovery, I've found an abundance of quality sources for learning what truly is the art and science of towing and recovery. There are widely available programs such as TRAA ( and Wreckmaster ( as well as many regional and local providers of training and towing skill development. In addition, many of us in the business have automotive repair or body shop backgrounds. So the mechanical side of the business tends to come more naturally to us.

What I did struggle to find were resources for the other half of what we do—running a successful towing and recovery business. So as a result, much of what we do every day is learned through trial and error. I was confident I was not the first person to wonder what my cost per call should be or what were the pros and cons of buying a new truck verses a slightly used one. And I couldn’t find many that were willing to talk about either. Everyone I spoke to was either tight-lipped to be protective of their information, or maybe didn’t know themselves.

The Black Book grew from the fact that we as an industry rarely share experiences of success and challenge with our fellow operators. And quite honestly few outsiders understand just what it takes to run a towing company. So this leaves most with the process of trial and error to discover the best practices which is rarely the quickest or the cheapest way to learn.

Through the Black Book , accompanying DVDs and numerous sample forms and exercises the book walks you through each process to help you achieve success. And once you’re finished you will see the results for years to come.

Tow Company Online Local Advertising Plans

TowProgram began offering tow company advertising plans providing local online advertising solutions to the towing community as a result of hearing feedback during tow show seminars. It became clear company owers had few choices when searching for someone offering cost-effective online soltions specifically built for towing.

Having experienced the frustration of making the transition from the Yellow Pages Ads to an online plan myself I knew I could help other towing companies make the switch as well. Our goal is to provide quality, affordable and simple online solutions so you can stay focused on managing your business. Learn more about our plans on Tow Company Web Advertising. Our goal is to provide a one stop solution for your online ad challenge.

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